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A Higher Way of Film-making...


Apostello Films LLC is about collaboration among artists who are experts in their particular craft. Films and series will be thought-provoking and redemptive, pointing those whose hearts are open back to our Maker. 


Angela Tesch is the founder and CEO of Apostello Films LLC, launched in May 2017.  She has over 20 years experience in the performing arts, founded an ecumenical youth drama troop, and is an award-winning performer and director.  In 2014, she received a Master's of Divinity from the evangelical Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Angela Tesch is an award winning actress and director.

Our Writers

Carla Myers

Carla joined Apostello in June 2017.  She has been writing for over 20 years creating stage plays, children's books, and screenplays.  No matter what she writes, her intimate relationship with our Father comes through.  She was ordained in 2005 through The River Revival Network.

Paul A. Rose Jr.

Paul joined Apostello in June 2017.  He started as a TV News producer in Florida in the 90’s and has been active ever since, including a 4-year stint writing about the intersection of faith and art in entertainment. He transitioned into dramatic writing for the stage in the early 2000’s and moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career writing and acting in film & television. His faith in Jesus Christ is his guiding principle and it informs and envelops every aspect of his life, including his writing. Romans 12:2

Our Director of Photography

Antonio Ogaz

Antonio joined Apostello Films LLC in June 2017.   He is a creative media professional with 20+ years of experience planning and directing production and post-production operations for diverse clients ranging from a major television network and entertainment companies to non-profit and governmental entities.  It is his joy to be using his talents for Jesus in a faith-based film company.

Our Editor

Brandon Tucker

Brandon joined Apostello Films LLC in September 2017.  He has worked in film production for the past 7 years in Denver, Colorado where he studied at the Colorado Film School.  He’s written, directed, produced and edited multiple short films including small independent commercials in recent years.  Being a follower of Christ, his gift is to tell stories about God which is where his passion begins.